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You see “WE BUY GOLD” signs everywhere these days. We even saw one on a barbershop recently. One store advertises that their employees are trained to determine karat value (well, I would HOPE so). Another talks about the fancy scale they use. That’s fine, but we believe the only thing that matters is the amount of cash you leave with when you sell your gold.


Capital Pawn makes only one promise to you. We will examine what you have and make you a fair offer. We invite you to stop in for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your gold. We’ll tell you what you have and tell you what we’re willing to pay. No pressure, no games. We’re confident that we can compete with anyone in town or on the Web. We hope you’ll give us a try.


Also, don’t forget: You don’t have to sell your gold. We will gladly loan you cash and hold your gold for collateral.


What we buy – We buy nearly anything that is made with solid (not plated or filled) gold. We pay more for stylish jewelry in good condition, but we also buy broken chains, orphan earrings, outdated styles and otherwise unwanted jewelry.


Solid gold jewelry will almost always be marked. Look for stampings that say 10K, 14K, 18K, .417, .585, or .750. If the piece is not marked, it probably isn’t gold. If it says something like G.F., G.E.P., H.G.E. or has a fraction (i.e. 1/20) following a karat designation, it isn’t solid gold and we would not buy it.


We will buy dental gold, gold nuggets and other unmarked gold items when we can test and verify their purity.



We buy sterling silver jewelry, sterling flatware and serving items. We do not buy silver plated items. Sterling silver items will almost always be marked either “Sterling” or “.925” somewhere on the piece. If a silver item is not marked, we generally will not buy it.


Silver coins are purchased for their metal content only. We do not buy based on numismatic value or a coins' appeal to collectors. Typically, we will pay 75 percent of the current silver value for U.S. dimes, quarters and half dollar coins minted PRIOR to 1965. We'll pay more for U.S. silver dollars, American Silver Eagles and bullion coins and bars. Bring us what you have and let us make  you an offer.


As with gold, you don't have to sell your silver. Capital Pawn will loan against silver jewelry or coins. It takes a fair amount of weight to justify a large loan, but we've been able to help a number of customers through some tough times by loaning against sterling silver flatware, a coin collection or even a jar of old silver coins.


NOTE: The values and statements on this page are intended as a general guide for informational purposes only. We reserve the option to adjust our price offers, or whether we’re interested in buying at all, for any reason, at any time. As always, we encourage you to shop your items around for the deal that serves you best.


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