We Buy Quality Used Merchandise:

Capital Pawn will pay cash for many types of items. We are especially interested in purchasing gold and silver, musical instruments, modern consumer electronics and DVD movies. We do not purchase exercise equipment, furniture, clothing, car audio equipment, car parts, Chinese knives, obsolete electronics, film cameras, VHS tape recorders or tapes, or any lawn equipment powered by a gasoline motor.


While you are welcome to call before you visit, we cannot quote purchase prices over the phone. We must see your item in order to assess condition and resale value. 


Typically, we will purchase quality used items at 50-65 percent what we believe your item would bring in our store. We are a retail business and must make a profit on the items we sell. If you hope to get top dollar for your merchandise, we suggest you consider listing your items on Craigslist or eBay


You can maximize the price we are willing to pay by making your item more presentable. We pay more for clean merchandise than we do for items covered in dirt and grime. Also, be sure to bring any remote controls, chargers, power supplies, cords and other related accessories for your item. Even original packaging can sometimes increase the value of an item.


One final note: In order to sell anything to Capital Pawn, you must present a government-issued ID. Your personal information, along with details about the item, will be reported to a national database used by law enforcement. Please see “WE REPORT” for more information.


 NOTE: The values and statements on this page are intended as a general guide for informational purposes only. We reserve the option to adjust our price offers, or whether we’re interested in buying at all for any reason, at any time. As always, we encourage you to shop your items around for the deal that serves you best.




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Capital Pawn
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Located behind the Conoco convenience store at the intersection of Eastland Dr. and Highway 50 East